When Saint Durbasha Was A Guest to Lord Krishna’s

When Saint Durbasha infamous for his momentous anger and tumultuous cursing ways desired to be a guest at the Lord Krishna’s, the newly-weds, Lord Krishna and Devi Rukmini, got nervous. Because the precondition was that while offering services to the Saint, the couple must not use any maid’s assistance howsoever they found that tough and for whatsoever reason. After the Saint reached Lord Krishna’s place, Lord Krishna and Rukmini worked together to please him by their hospitality.

One day, Rukmini prepared kheer for the Saint and offered him before Lord Krishna. The Saint had a portion of the kheer and, much to the surprise of Rukmini, asked her to rub the remnant kheer into the entire body of Lord Krishna. Rukmini did not get a chance to decide on her own about what she must do as Lord Krishna asked her to start doing what the Saint said. With much reluctance, Rukmini started applying the remnant kheer on Lord Krishna’s entire body. Somehow, when she reached for the sole of Lord Krishna’s feet, there was no more kheer left.

Saint Durbasha showed his displeasure and explained how such act of negligence would force them to embrace danger later. Because, the body parts where the remnant kheer had been applied would be so strong that even the sharpest and strongest weapon in the universe would fail to pierce into. And going by that, Lord Krishna’s sole of the feet remained a vulnerable body part.

Later, when Jara (Sabara) came hunting in the jungle and saw the ear of a deer, he released his arrow to hit that. As luck would have it (or as the Lord Himself designed), the arrow pierced through His sole of the feet. Lord Krishna had to accept the end.

Lesson learnt: When a learned person orders you to perform a certain action that seems disgusting to you but you can’t disobey him or her, you better carry out the action with full zeal and enthusiasm. Even when you know that the order comes from someone whimsical and erratic, do not listen to your ego, and do perform the action wholeheartedly. You never know, the reward might amaze you later.