If mythecdotes (that is, mythological anecdotes) are what you aim at, then you have perhaps hit the bull’s eye. At Lulling Lores, we two halves collate and present small tales from our ancient mythological epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Mostly, when the wife unveils her book of stories and picks up one item for a day, the hubby sometimes asks for more. At times, it’s the other way round, that is, the storyteller wife has more to share when the listener husband has poor stock of patience.

Forget about that all. In the end, they both work together to come up with a collection of mythecdotes here which might just enrich the online (Indian) mythological resources available till date. The blogger-couple never claims to have witnessed any of the episodes they talk about here, neither do they wish to win anything by this initiative other than your good will and pleasure! So when you get to know some episode here for the first time, let them know that – that will encourage them to delve deep into the virtual archives before it, God forbid, goes off for any unprecedented reason.

Mythologically yours,

Lipsa and Arun

(They also write at lipilekhaa and idlemusingz.)


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